Lucene Revolution 2010

이름부터가 Geek스러운게…ㅎ
이 소식보면서 STS(Search Technology Summit) 가 올해는 열릴까하는 생각을…
Lucene Revolution 2010 Agenda(보면서 참 재미있을거 같다는 생각이…

Lucene Revolution - Boston - October 7&8
Registration is now open for Lucene Revolution
the first US conference dedicated to Lucene and Solr.

Join the Lucene Revolution at the Hyatt Harborside in Boston October 7 & 8, 2010. And, you can also sign up for two days of either Lucene or Solr bootcamp training on October 5 & 6.

SAVE $395 on a full conference pass
and two days of in-depth training

Why you need to be part of the Lucene Revolution:

  • The agenda is packed with more than 30 technical sessions, tutorials, and case studies
  • See presentations on search experts from companies likeTwitter, LinkedIn, IBM, Cisco, and Sears
  • Get insights from enterprise thought leaders such as Steve Arnold (Beyond Search blog) and and Hadley Reynolds (IDC)
  • Hear about the future of Solr from the Apache commiters: Yonik SeeleyGrant Ingersoll,Chris Hostetter, Lucid Imagination; Mike McCandless, IBM
  • Meet with over 300 of your peers and technologists in the Lucene/Solr ecosystem

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